League Nights

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Every Tuesday May to Sept

Tuesday Random Doubles

7pm at Thrill Hill

Come join us for random flip doubles.

This is meant to be open to all players, from the ultra competitive to the brand new. As it is random and best disc doubles, any new player can be paired up with a GP local champion and have a chance at winning.  We play 18 holes and often a 19th





Every Wednesday Start 7pm

Wednesday League 

The competitive league will alternate between the South Bear and Co-op Community disc golf courses, however, Thrill Hill will be mixed in every so often (stay tuned every week for locations). Prices will be $5 for league members which will be paid by cash or e-transfer to either Mitch Gorman or Sean Morrison.

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Every Thursday May to Sept

Ladies Disc Golf Night 

7:30pm at Thrill Hill

Every Thursday the ladies take over the hill and play disc golf. This is a great place to come learn the game, it's free, and no discs or experience is needed.




Please check our Facebook page Grande Prairie Disc Golf for any changes.

Random Flip Doubles


  1. Entry fee is $5 for all participants.  This will be paid out according to the table below

  2. Teams will be assigned at random.  Typically this is a flipping of discs and separation of tops and bottoms until all teams are made.  We will most likely being doing a card draw from a pre-set deck of cards.  You will pair up with your matching card colour and face value, for example, the Jack of Hearts and Jack of Diamonds would be both of the Red Jacks and be partners.

    1. An exception to random will be made for new players who are guests of a regularly attending club member.  The new player will be allowed to partner with their club member for their first night but will be expected to play on a random team for any following weeks

  3. All teams should be grouped with another team.  This may result in a 6 person group (3 teams of 2) so maintain pace of play over turn order while playing on the fairway and putting out.

  4. Format will be best shot doubles.  Both players will throw from the tee to begin the hole and the subsequent lies will be determined by the throwing team at their discretion.  Once a lie has been determined and the first throw is thrown from that lie, there is no switching to the other lie.  There are no limits to how many drives from each player to use.

  5. In the event of an odd number of players, the odd man out will play Cali rules.  This means that once per hole, the Cali will be allowed a second shot from a throw of their choosing.  The Cali will then be allowed to select their first or second shot as their preferred lie.  As stated previously, this can only be done once per hole, regardless of the par of the hole being played.

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