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GP Disc Golf has a New Address

If you're like me, you've been bored at work or home and getting that disc golf itch that just needs to be scratched. In the past this has led me to the GP Disc Golf Facebook page, looking for that article or event that I saw a few days prior, scrolling through the older posts seeking that story hidden in a sea of lost discs. Often times I would scroll down the page through the disc golf seasons never finding what I initially set out after. To help keep the various events and league nights organized, and to add helpful resources to our club members and new players, we've decided to revitalized the club's dormant website. Now will be the central location of events, leagues, tournaments, stats and standings, as well as custom local disc golf articles.

We have worked hard to develop a site that will be engaging and continually evolving with our local players. Players will quickly be able to find out about upcoming events and check out the stats and standings from our weekly leagues. In addition, we've finally given Mike Heckbert a platform other than his normal 1st place podium from which to preach to the masses. Mike will be writing a weekly blog for the website covering a wide range of disc golf topics, he has already posted three articles that you should definitely check out. Please keep in mind this website is new and continuing to evolve, so if you have any suggestions to make it better (or if you find any issues) please let us know.

Off Season Recap

The 2019 season promises to be a busy one so I'll try and catch you up on what changes you can expect this year. First off our league night is expanding! Tuesday night will remain at Thrill Hill at 7pm, but now we have two Thursday night options for players. Thrill Hill will once again host the ladies every Thursday while South Bear will host its own Thursday night league. For a more detailed breakdown of our league nights check them out here. Unofficially, the league season will begin April 26 with a special round at Bear Lake Bible Camp, make sure to check out our events page for more information about the time and location. 2019 will also see a date change for our bigger tournament: The Swan City Showdown. It will be hosted August 24-25 and will be part of the Northwoods and Northern Lights Disc Golf Series.

Other changes we are hoping to complete this year include new tee signs at both courses as well as secondary pin locations at Thrill Hill. We are always looking for volunteers to help our course captains Jeremy Sproule and Mike Heckbert with course maintenance and clean up. If you'd like to help out please talk to one of our course captains or contact us through the webpage.

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