2019 Season Recap

2019 Swan City Showdown Players Meeting

With the onset of snow and continuous below zero temperatures the 2019 disc golf season has ended for the fair weather discers. Some enthusiastic members of our club will endure the self punishment and play throughout the winter winds, wearing so many layers that they resemble the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man more than an athlete. As our play begins to plummet more than the temperature this seems like a good point to reflect on how well we did as a club in the past year of tournament play.

In 2019 the Grande Prairie Disc Golf Club made some big strides as a local and provincial power on the tournament scene. As a club we competed in over 220 rated rounds and grew our PDGA membership to 13 players, almost doubling our member base. Our 7 pre existing PDGA members all saw increases in their 2019 rating and as a club we took down 10 wins, 15 seconds, and 11 thirds while competing across 3 provinces, 1 state, and participating in 18 different events. 

BONUS: As a club we were also able to collect 4 1000+ rated rounds (these may have all come