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Disc Golf holiday shopping list

With Christmas fast approaching its the perfect time to release a holiday shopping post for those off season blues or to finish off those holiday gifts. Of course if you have a local disc golf shop we recommend supporting them also, but for those without a local store or who don’t want to pay shipping please use our links to check out some great disc golf themed swag. This blog contains affiliate links to and, any commission generated will go back to support the Grande Prairie Disc Golf Club.

Baskets: Is it time for an up grade?

The most beneficial offseason training is a regular putting routine, and while any target will do, a good basket just feels and sounds better than hitting a laundry basket or fence chair. Sorry Canada, while did offer one metal name brand basket at a reasonable price it seems to have disappeared from their site. Our Americans neighbours on the other hand have dozens to choose from. This is why during pre pandemic times I bought a basket and hauled it around on vacation in the states and was more than happy to pay the checked luggage fee at the airport to bring it home. (Photo: Reddit user GrizzlyGinger)

Here are two of the best priced baskets on at the time of posting. While the MVP is pricey at least its the Black Hole Pro HD this basket can be set up quickly and when taken apart it has a small foot print. This Innova basket catches well and is the most affordable metal basket currently on the Canadian site. The third option is not regulation size but does fold up for transport and can also be used as a chair, bonus the cloth material will be less likely to shatter in -40 when hit by a disc.

American Baskets

For our American friends they can choose from a number of great baskets in any almost any colour or brand they prefer and pay a reasonable price.

Practice Net: You talkin' 'bout practice?

For those who also want to keep their throwing arms loose or develop a missing component I recommend getting a practice net. I’ve got one in my basement and love throwing a few shots with good footing at this time of year, its also come in handy for putting nights at our local brewery, they go up and down quickly and as long as you put the pieces in the travel bag in the right order everything fits.

If you’d like to take your practice one step further or just want to prove you’ve got the fastest arm in the club, pick up a radar gun to give you instant feedback on those form changes. As Danny Lindahl never says "fast is far and far is best".

Beginner Friendly Gifts

Still need to get a gift for those office secret santas or gift exchanges? Pick up a starter set and throw it in a sparkly bag with a bow and you’re done. Lighter weight sets are perfect for beginners, children and noodle arms.

Stocking Stuffers

If you’ve already filled the garage, basement and a couple of closets with stacks of discs and enough baskets to build your own course, grab a few stocking stuffers. The Grip 6 belt is the best belt i’ve ever owned, and it’s the perfect fit (probably) to stuff in the toe of the stocking where my mom always put a mandarine orange.

Selfie stick

I always carry a selfie stick in my disc golf bag. It’s the perfect tool to capture those instagram moments making those sponsors lust for you. It also works very well to record your form highlighting your rounding, poor timing and ugly airplane follow through. The Bluetooth remote and built in tripod on mine make sure I always get the shot.


For those who play disc golf in the winter a pair of gators is a must, allowing you to wear comfortable boots and keep the feet dryer.

Glow Golf

For those who are lucky enough to play snow free disc golf all year round, grab some glow accessories to keep those discs charged on the short winter nights.

Have a great holiday season and get out and throw some discs.

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